General Election 2015: How does Martin Freeman stack up in celebrity political Top Trumps

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How does Martin Freeman measure up? (Source: Getty)

One the hallmarks of both UK and US elections is that each party wheels out their celebrity backers to add a bit of glamour to the men in grey suits.

Yesterday, Martin Freeman - star of Sherlock, The Hobbit and a host of other hits - explained why he supports Labour.

Freeman is far from the first celeb to try and use the media to give their party a helping hand. So how did he measure up to his thespian counterparts, both on his own side and those on the other side of the political spectrum?

Martin Freeman, Labour - 8/10

Freeman's performance was confident - avoiding the temptation to angrily slam one's opponents while trumpeting your own party's moral superiority can make for a good ad.

John Cleese, Liberal Democrats - 5/10

A golden oldie was John Cleese's appearance supporting former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown. While Cleese is a familiar face on British television and much beloved for his roles in Faulty Towers and Monty Python, it may not be the best strategy to begin the broadcast telling the voter how confused you and your party are.

Michael Caine, Conservatives - 8/10

The Tories have always had a problem getting the luvvie vote, but in 2010 legendary actor Michael Cain was happy to endorse David Cameron's plan for a National Citizens Service. Cain spoke movingly of his background and how more needed to be done to improve opportunities for young people.

Eddie Izzard, Labour - 6/10

Labour stalwart Eddie Izzard also made an appearance at the last election to try and persuade the public to stick with Gordon Brown. A couple of funny gags managed to worm their way in, but banging on about Thatcher didn't quite cut it 20 years after she left office.

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