Liquid Spaces: A new book explores the way our perception of space can be altered

Steve Dinneen
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A Jee Young Lee installation piece

Korean artist Jee Young Lee’s installation pieces transform 3x6m boxes into fantastical, surreal dreamscapes. In some, scores of painted fans form psychedelic clouds, or a swirling ocean sucking the artist into its centre. Others, inspired by childhood memories, feature the artist in nostalgic or frightening environments, filled with giant insects, sinister tentacles, or startled crows bursting through windows.

The installations are intricately crafted over a period of weeks before being photographed. This image is included in a new coffee table book Liquid Spaces: Scenography, Installations and Spatial Experiences, which explores the myriad ways the world – and our perspective of it – can be manipulated, warped and enhanced. It features the work of artists, scenographers, architects and interior designers, with projects as diverse as a light show in an oil silo to avant-garde architecture in public spaces.
Liquid Spaces: Scenography, Installations and Spatial Experiences is available now from Gestalten priced £35.