Daylight Saving Time 2015: A short look at when clocks go back and forward around the world

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British Summer Time (BST) is here (Source: Getty)

The clocks are finally going forward on Sunday, and while this means sleep fans will lose an extra hour's kip, it also means summer is (technically) here.

In the northern hemisphere - home to the United States, Europe and Asia - most countries (but not all of them) tend to observe daylight saving time between March and April through until September and November.

And south of the equator countries that use daylight saving time generally start between September and November and ends between March and April.

Here's a look at when some countries worldwide start to observe daylight saving time (providing they do).

CountryRegion/statesStart date for daylight saving time (DST)End date for daylight saving time (DST)
AustraliaSouth Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, New South Wales, much of TasmaniaSunday October 4Sunday April 5
Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Christmas IslandNo daylight saving time in 2015-
Lord Howe IslandSunday October 4Sunday April 5
OtherMacquarie IslandDaylight saving time all year in 2015
AustriaAll locations such as ViennaSunday March 29Sunday October 25
BelgiumAll locations such as BrusselsSunday March 29Sunday October 25
Bosnia and HerzegovinaAll locations such as SarajevoSunday March 29Sunday October 25
BrazilMost locations such as ManausNo daylight saving time in 2015-
Distrito Federal, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina, Mato Grosso Do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, much of Mato Grosso, Paraná, Espírito SantoSunday October 18Sunday February 22
CanadaMost locations such as MontrealSunday March 8Sunday November 1
ChinaAll locations such as BeijingNo daylight saving time in 2015-
CroatiaAll locations such as ZagrebSunday March 29Sunday October 25
CyprusAll locations such as NicosiaSunday March 29Sunday October 25
Czech RepublicAll locations such as PragueSunday March 29Sunday October 25
DenmarkAll locations such as CopenhagenSunday March 29Sunday October 25
EgyptAll locations such as CairoFriday April 24Friday September 25
EstoniaAll locations such as TallinnFriday April 24Friday September 25
FijiAll locations such as SuvaSunday November 1Sunday January 18
FinlandAll locations such as HelsinkiSunday March 29Sunday October 25
FranceMost locations such as ParisSunday March 29Sunday October 25
Saint Barthélemy, Saint MartinNo daylight saving time in 2015-
GermanyAll locations such as BerlinSunday March 29Sunday October 25
GreeceAll locations such as AthensSunday March 29Sunday October 25
GreenlandMost locations such as NuukSaturday March 28Saturday October 24
DanmarkshavnNo daylight saving time in 2015-
IttoqqortoormiitSunday March 29Sunday October 25
Thule Air BaseSunday March 8Sunday November 1
IndiaAll locations such as New DehliNo daylight saving time in 2015-
IndonesiaAll locations such as JakartaNo daylight saving time in 2015-
IrelandAll locations such as DublinSunday March 29Sunday October 25
Isle of ManAll locations such as DouglasSunday March 29Sunday October 25
IsraelAll locations such as JerusalemFriday March 27Sunday October 25
ItalyAll locations such as RomeSunday March 29Sunday October 25
JapanAll locations such as TokyoNo daylight saving time in 2015-
KosovoAll locations such as PristinaSunday March 29Sunday October 25
LatviaAll locations such as RigaSunday March 29Sunday October 25
LebanonAll locations such as BeirutSunday March 29Sunday October 25
LibyaAll locations such as TripoliNo daylight saving time in 2015-
LithuaniaAll locations such as VilniusSunday March 29Sunday October 25
Macedonia, Republic ofAll locations such as SkopjeSunday March 29Sunday October 25
MaldivesAll locations such as MaleNo daylight saving time in 2015-
MauritiusAll locations such as Port LouisSunday March 29Sunday October 25
MexicoMost locations such as Mexico City
Baja California, much of Chihuahua, Tamaulipas
Sonora, Quintana Roo
MoldovaAll locations such as ChisinauSunday March 29Sunday October 25
MontenegroAll locations such as PodgoricaSunday March 29Sunday October 25
MoroccoAll locations such as CasablancaSunday March 29Sunday October 25
NetherlandsMost locations such as AmsterdamSunday March 29Sunday October 25
Saint Martin, Bonaire, SabaNo daylight saving time in 2015-
New ZealandAll locations such as WellingtonSunday September 27Sunday April 5
NorwayAll locations such as OsloSunday March 29Sunday October 25
PakistanAll locations such as IslamabadNo daylight saving time in 2015-
PolandAll locations such as WarsawSunday March 29Sunday October 25
PortugalAll locations such as LisbonSunday March 29Sunday October 25
Saudi ArabiaAll locations such as RiyadhNo daylight saving time in 2015-
SerbiaAll locations such as BelgradeSunday March 29Sunday October 25
SlovakiaAll locations such as BratislavaSunday March 29Sunday October 25
SloveniaAll locations such as LjubljanaSunday March 29Sunday October 25
South AfricaAll locations such as JohannesburgNo daylight saving time in 2015-
SpainAll locations such as MadridSunday March 29Sunday October 25
SwedenAll locations such as StockholmSunday March 29Sunday October 25
SwitzerlandAll locations such as BernSunday March 29Sunday October 25
ThailandAll locations such as BangkokNo daylight saving time in 2015-
TunisiaAll locations such as TunisNo daylight saving time in 2015-
TurkeyAll locations such as AnkaraSunday March 29Sunday October 25
United KingdomAll locations such as LondonSunday March 29Sunday October 25
United StatesMost locations such as Washington DCSunday March 8Sunday November 1
Hawaii, most of Arizona, Midway Atoll, Wake Island, small region of AlaskaNo daylight saving time in 2015-
VenezuelaAll locations such as CaracasNo daylight saving time in 2015-

Timezones worldwide are measured by the distance between their location and the Greenwich Meridian, which is located at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. This is generally known as Greenwich Mean Time or Universal Time, and is a starting point for determining the time in other countries worldwide. However, not all countries adhere to this, and there's some which are around half an hour to 15 minutes off.

  • London: Universal Time
  • New York: Universal Time - 5
  • Madrid: Universal Time +1
  • Paris: Universal Time +1
  • Beijing: Universal time + 8 hours


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