Premier League clubs agree £1bn for good causes if TV rights deal remains after Ofcom investigation

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The Premier League agreed a £1bn package for good causes, if its TV deal stays in tact
The Premier League yesterday conditioned a £1bn grant for a variety of good causes, including grassroots football, on its new bumper £5bn TV rights deal not being overturned by a regulatory investigation.

The body that oversees England’s 20 elite football clubs says its offer will not stand if an investigation by Ofcom, instigated after a complaint by Virgin Media, results in that deal being unwound.

Virgin Media has argued that consumers are paying too much for live football because the number of matches broadcast live is effectively rationed.

However, others disagree with such a view.

The League’s stance might be seen as putting pressure on Ofcom not to make any changes to the current arrangement, which sees Sky showing the bulk of the matches alongside rival BT.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said: “Clearly this package is dependent on the outcome of our international live rights and the ongoing Ofcom investigation, so the detail won’t be known until later this year or in early 2016.”

Yesterday a study revealed that the Premier League clubs had made record profits of £190m.

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