"Do business abroad," enthuses export expert Myleene Klass

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"Entrepreneurs never give up," said "successful businesswoman and celebrity" Klass (Source: Getty)

Fresh from lambasting Ed Miliband about his plans to redistribute the wealth through a mansion tax, former pop star and Littlewoods brand ambassador Myleene Klass has climbed back onto her soapbox - this time, to tell businesses they should be doing more exporting.

Klass, who famously told Miliband he "may as well tax this glass of water", took to the stage at Santander's Breakthrough Summit in Leeds yesterday to extol the virtues of exporting.

"Successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common: they never give up," she enthused. "That's why it is frustrating that so many businesses that could be exporting aren't doing so, and that's why I am really pleased that Santander is committing to help 5,000 more companies start exporting this year." We hear you, Myleene.

But wait: there's more. "There is clearly a growing appetite among UK businesses to expand overseas and seize the benefits that can come from international trade and this is great to see," she gushed.

"However, it is also clear that a number of UK businesses may be unnecessarily hindering these opportunities, and here it is important to seek out advice and support from a trusted business partner."

Klass is a dab hand at this sort of thing - an export expert, if you will - having designed and launched a "little black dress" range for little girls, which is available in over 32 countries.

Want more or Klass' pearls of wisdom? Here's what else she had to say at the event.

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