Know the Pryce of the election

Vicky Pryce wants to educate you about economics for voters
Those of you who are, like The Capitalist, long in the tooth (OK, old) will remember Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid”.

The phrase, which put Bill in the Oval Office for eight years, has been resurrected by Vicky Pryce, Andy Ross and Peter Urwin in their pre-General Elect­ion book, It’s The Economy, Stu­pid: Econ­omics for Voters.

Today sees the book launch at the Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law, in Moorgate.

Pryce has come a long way since she and her former husband, the Lib Dem MP and cabinet minister Chris Huhne were convicted of perverting the course of justice and sentenced to eight months in jail.

Based on her experiences, she penned Prison­omics, which analyses the economic and human costs of imprisoning women.

And, most importantly of all, Vicky serves on the City A.M. shadow Monetary Policy Committee – and she’s rarely, if at all, wrong.