Russia plans superhighway linking Britain to the United States

Jessica Morris
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The superhighway would run alongside the Trans-Siberian Railway (Source: Getty)

Russia has unveiled proposals for a superhighway rolling all the way from London across to the United States.

The Trans-Eurasian belt Development, put forward by Vladimir Yakunin who is head of the Russian Railways, would be the first modern route to run across Russia, and then linking to systems in Western Europe and Asia.

This would means Brits would theoretically be able to drive from London all the way to the US state of Alaska.

"It would join up to other networks and reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific, via the heart of Siberia and the Far East," according to a report by the Siberian Times.

The wildly ambitious project would involve building a new road network next to the Trans-Siberian Railway, which currently runs from Moscow, through the Russian Far East and out then towards the Sea of Japan.

It would involve the construction of major roads, pipelines for oil and gas, and facilities for electricity and water.

Vladimir Fortov, Head of the Russian Academy of Science, said: "We can build a new railway near the Trans-Siberian Railway with the opportunity to go to Chukotka and Bering Strait and then to the American continent."

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