City workers are the least agreeable people in the UK: Where do you belong on the personality map of Britain?

Look at them, basically oozing disagreeableness (Source: Corbis)

There's no easy way to say this - although if you're a City worker, you may already be aware - but it turns out people in the City of London are the least agreeable in the UK, new research has found.

Yep - according to Cambridge University, folk in the Square Mile score lowest out of any area in the UK when it comes to traits such as "co-operation, friendliness and trust".

Perhaps it's not surprising - regions with more agreeable people "tend to have higher proportions of females, married couples of low-income residents" - none of which are exactly prevalent among the population of the City.

To be fair, the research suggests Londoners generally have a tendency to get irritable - although they are also more creative.

Those living in the North West are extroverted but can be disorderly, while their neighbours in the North East are more introverted, but tend to be calmer.

The regions with the highest levels of conscientiousness included Southern England, parts of the Midlands and the Scottish Highlands - while London scored fairly low for that particular trait...

Nevertheless, when it comes to "openness", the capital - along with Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow - scored highly. According to the research, that means we're "creative, unconventional and curious". It added that areas where the population has high levels of university education, income, high-status professionals, foreign-born residents, same-sex couples - and, worryingly, high rates of violent crime - tend to be rated "more open".

Dr Jason Rentfrow, from the university's department of psychology, said the research was "more than just a bit of fun".

Geographical differences are associated wiht a range of economic, social and health outcomes - and hence how important resources are allocated.

Highest and lowest scoring regions

Personality trait Highest scoring area Lowest scoring area
Extroversion Hammersmith & Fulham Boston, Lincolnshire
Agreeableness Isles of Scilly City of London
Conscientiousness Isles of Scilly Merthyr Tydfil
Neuroticism Barrow-in-Furness Orkney Islands
Openness Hackney Maldon, Essex

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