Could the SNP block the Conservatives from government by voting down the Queen's speech?

Billy Ehrenberg
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Upsetting the apple cart: Alex Salmond (Source: Getty)

The Scottish National Party (SNP) could block a minority Conservative government by voting down the Queen’s speech, according to former chief Alex Salmond.

The move would not be effective if the SNP acted alone, but could prevent Tory governance if Labour joined in.

It is possible that, in the absence of any one party gaining a majority, the SNP could hold the balance of power; making it the kingmaker in the aftermath of the 7 May election.

As could perhaps have been predicted, the Conservative party was unhappy at Salmond’s remarks and accused him of “trying to sabotage the democratic will of the British people“.

Labour, like the SNP, has ruled out a formal coalition between the two parties. Neither Labour nor the Conservative party is considered certain to win a majority, with many expecting a hung parliament.

Labour’s power base is likely to be significantly weakened by the rise of the SNP, with polling suggesting it could lose the vast majority of its seats north of the border.

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