Here's why taking a power nap at work can be good for you

Jessica Morris
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If you're working late you may benefit from a quick nap (Source: Getty)

When you've spent hours memorising notes for an important presentation or cramming ahead of a business meeting, but try as you might it just isn't going in, you should just take a quick nap.

Kipping in the office won't win you brownie points with your boss, however it will increase your ability to learn. At least that's what research that's been published in the journal of Neurobiology of Learning and Memory suggests.

"Even a short sleep lasting 45 to 60 minutes produces a five-fold improvement in information retrieval from memory," one of the researcehrs Axel Mecklinger said.

The study, which looked at peoples' ability to store and then re-call new information, had a total of 41 participants. Everyone was asked to learn both single words and pairs before taking a test on this.

After this, the participants were split into two groups, and while one group napped, the other group watched TV. Those who took an hour-long nap performed better in a second test, compared to their peers who hadn't.

So for anyone who thinks a nap will aid their performance at work, here's how to get away with it in a nutshell.

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