WATCH: 560,000 London Underground journeys animated over a day

Guy Bentley
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London Underground animated (Source: Getty)

What do London Underground's journeys look like when animated over the course of 24 hours?

Well, thanks to Will Galia, we now have the answer. Galia has created a visualisation of 560,000 journeys on the Tube. All of the points moving around London's multi coloured network represent a someone's movements over the course of a day.

The data comes from a sample of five per cent sample of Oyster card journeys over a week back in 2009. Galia began the project in 2012 but took him until 2015 to finish the work.

The data was provided by Transport for London (TfL). Galia removed all non-Underground, so DLR, National Rail, etc. were not included. The Underground has been embroiled in controversy of late after members of the Rail, Maritime, and Transport Union (RMT) protested the dismissal, of a driver failed two alcohol breath tests.

Earlier this month, London Underground staff went on strike in support of the driver. The RMT claimed a faulty machine had presented false positives before, which made London Underground’s policy questionable.

London Underground's chief operating officer, Nick Brown was immovable from his position. “We will never compromise on the safety of our customers and staff,” he said.

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