From the solar eclipse and the Budget to the FTSE 100 hitting 7,000: Here's what got us talking this week

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We were obsessed with the solar eclipse this week - were you? (Source: Getty)

There was a solar eclipse and toxic smog. There was a red box. And there was a lesser-spotted yellow box. Here's what got us talking this week.

1. The FTSE 100 hit 7,000 for the first time
After what felt like weeks of playing hard to get, the FTSE 100 finally gave it up and broke the psychological 7,000 barrier. And oh, how we celebrated. We made this infographic charting the highs and lows of Britain's blue chip index, we drilled down into who runs our biggest businesses and we asked if you have a name for greatness. Unless it's Dave, the answer is "probably not".
2. Europe got very excited about staring at a grey sky.
3. George Osborne gave us something to talk about, and so did Danny Alexander (though maybe not what he was hoping)
For once, the chancellor left a few surprises for Budget day, and top of the list was the Help to Buy Isa. While it might be good news for first time buyers, not everyone was convinced it was a great idea.
Danny Alexander tried to get in on the action with his alternative Budget, presented from a yellow box, but it went down like a lead balloon.
The Budget was also a bad day for bookies, who had to pay out big after Osborne's two kitchen joke.
4. A tank drove through central London – on behalf of Jeremy Clarkson
Guido Fawkes has been backing Jeremy Clarkson since his suspension over the “fracas” with a producer. This week, the blogger and someone dressed as The Stig drove a tank through central London to BBC HQ to present a petition calling for the Top Gear's reinstatement. We're not sure why but it was certainly a good publicity stunt.
5. We've been drinking tea wrong all this time
Science has spoken, and it has told us that we have got it wrong when it comes to making the perfect cup of tea. We should be stewing it for longer, ideally in a pot, and we might want to reconsider our approach to milk too. The nation of tea-drinkers has been told.

Leisurely reads

After such a busy week, we'd really like to get away somewhere relaxing. This article offers top tips on finding your secluded paradise in the Sun. Here is how to hire a private island so it doesn't break the bank.
If you're staying put, the next few months have several treats in store for you on the cultural front. Read our guide for London's artist offerings for this spring and summer here.
Google's HR boss Lazslo Bock offers his top tips for winning at job interviews. And he really knows what he's talking about, having once received seven job offers from five companies at the same time. His advice feels more Wall Street than Mountain View.

From elsewhere

Bloomberg has a great piece about the insane valuations of startups where billions of dollars has become par for the course. It might not surprise you to know that the numbers are basically made up.
After a week of growing tensions between Germany and Greece – not helped by a faked video of Yanis Varoufakis giving the fingerthis article by the Economist is well worth a read.
And lastly, with the spectre of the Scottish referendum still looming large, this piece by Times writer Hugo Rifkind for The Spectator considers where the real threat to the union is coming from – and claims it's not the SNP.

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