One long row for women-kind

CAMBRIDGE and Oxford University women rowers will get to put the oar in on 11 April when they use the same course on the same day as their male counterparts.

It’s nearly 90 years since the first women’s Cambridge v Oxford Uni­versity Boat Race and for the first time they will have equal TV cov­erage and funding from spon­sors, Newton Investment Management.

It’s a great victory, too, for Helena Morrissey, the chief executive of Newton – herself a Cambridge graduate – who has been fighting for equal rights.

She has refused to listen those who said women could not cope with the tides and bends of the men’s 7,000m course and had to make do with a 2000m course on a different stretch of the river.

Good luck to all involved. No need to stroke their egos.

■ News from The Capitalist’s Life Imitating Art Department: Brent Spiner – best known for playing the lovable and very human android Lt Commander Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation – will be at the #drivenbydata Summit in Level39, Canary Wharf, providing his own unique insight on making machines more and more like men. The summit is being organised by BIPB, a specialist data science consultancy firm, that focuses on big data and analytics. So, in effect, BIPB is bringing Data from the Enterprise to the world of enterprise data. Oh, beam me up!