Knickers in a twist over sale of 1954 Ferrari

Ferrari: great on the open road, but not so much on the run to the supermarket
What am I bid for a High Court battle between billionaire lingerie boss Les Wexner and auction house Bonhams over the ownership of a vintage car?

The Victoria’s Secret owner paid almost £11m for the 1954 Ferrari 375-Plus at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last summer.

However, Wexner says he was unaware of an ongoing legal row over ownership of the prancing horse motor.

Parts of the car were allegedly stolen from Ohio in the 1980s (a cut-and-shut Ferrari? Really? Seriously) and shipped to Bel­gium, sparking a round of litigation on both sides of the Pond.

Bonhams claims the legal disputes were settled before the car was listed, but appear to have reopened when Wexner took the car back to the US.

The 77-year-old naughty knicker shop tycoon is now demanding a full refund and damages and has instructed m’learned friends at Mischon de Reya to seek full redress.

Let the buyer beware, indeed.

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