We are the Treasury DVDs starring Eds Miliband and Balls sent to Labour MPs

Footage from a 1997 film about the Treasury has re-emerged

Most of us have embarrassing old personal films, that remind us of things that we have done in the past. Home videos, clips from parties, that kind of thing. For Eds Miliband and Balls, one such film re-emerged yesterday, in the pigeonholes of their fellow Labour MPs.

The film was aired in 1997

Envelopes with a DVD copy of the documentary We are the Treasury, which was aired in Scotland in 1997, mysteriously appeared in the Commons a day before the Budget. The film details the time the Eds spent as young advisers to Gordon Brown in the Treasury, after working for him in opposition.

We are the Treasury is a step back in time

The Capitalist found a copy in our DVD collection, and watched as Gordon Brown entered the Treasury for the first time, and conducted meetings flanked by the future Labour leader and shadow chancellor.

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