Budget 2015: Protestors go into the Crystal Maze to grab tax dodger cash

The Westminster-based Crystal Maze re-creaction was designed to help stamp out tax dodging (Source: Getty)
Protestors donned costumes and recreated the classic Crystal Maze game in the heart of Westminster yesterday, as part of the campaign against tax dodging.

Dressed as George Osborne, Danny Alexander, and Ed Balls, they posed with ministerial red boxes inside a glass dome, with fake bank notes flying around.

The flying cash represented the money slipping through HMRC’s fingers due to a failure to stop tax avoidance, say the campaigners. They want a dodging bill to be introduced in an upcoming Budget.

Nick Bryer, the head of UK campaigns and policy at Oxfam, said: “Whoever holds the Budget box after the election needs to grab the opportunity to tackle tax dodging. A Tax Dodging Bill would make tax fairer and bring in billions in extra revenue to help tackle poverty both in the UK and the world’s poorest countries.”

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