Budget 2015 is all about that tax: Prepare for Osborne to say it every 31 seconds while wearing a blue tie, bookies predict

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It’s all about the tax in the upcoming budget.

Chancellor George Osborne is expected to utter the word 108 times in his speech which is expected to last 56 minutes - or once every 31 seconds.

That’s the predictions of spread betting firm Sporting Index when the chancellor takes the stage in the Commons for what could potentially be his last ever Budget speech.

In fact, its odds on that it will be his last Budget as even if the Conservative’s are in charge come 7 May, Osborne won’t necessarily be in charge of the red briefcase, according Ladbrokes,

As the last Budget before the General Election, there’s no surprise that blue is the favourite choice of tie colour for the chancellor to choose (even though he surprised everyone with a mystery shade in his Autumn Statement).

Matthew Shaddick of Ladbrokes said: "If the chancellor wants to arrange a pre budget giveaway, he just needs to stick a blue tie on. That would undoubtedly see a major redistribution of income from our pockets to those of Ladbrokes' customers."

What colour tie will Osborne wear?

Further predictions include four sips of water during the speech, half that of the record water sipping year of 2012 when the chancellor took eight swigs. It’s thirsty work afterall.

Sporting Index’s political spokesman Ed Fulton said : “George Osborne is in a confident mood with the UK economy in its best shape for some time, yet the Tories are far from certain to remain in government post-election.

“However, punters will need to decide if the pressure to win votes from the dispatch box will drive Osborne to reach for his water or if presiding over an economy heading in the right direction will see him refrain from hydrating mid-speech.”

Buzzword bingo

The Tories favourite buzzword will definitely get a mention - that’s "long term economic plan" if you've been living in a cave for the last six months.

Beer is pretty much a sure thing, while talk of the political world in the past week - two kitchens Ed - is 10/1 for a mention.

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