Gym founders want to see Brits jumping for joy at new parks

David Stalker (left) and Fred Turok say trampolining is taking off in many other countries
TWO OF the most experienced innovators in the UK physical activity sector have announced plans to launch the country’s first national chain of trampoline parks.

Fred Turok, founder of LA Fitness gym clubs, and David Stalker, CEO of not-for-profit organisation UKactive, formed the company Altitude in a bid to get the nation more active.

Altitude has currently secured £2.5m of funding for two indoor trampoline parks, one of which will open in Acton this summer. The pair then hope to expand the project across a minimum of 12 locations over the next two years as they seek to mirror the success of the US and Australia, where more than 350 trampoline parks are thriving following their first launch in 2004.

“David and I have seen numerous new business models come and go. However, over the last two years we have been struck by the success of trampolining across the world and asked ourselves why it is not in the UK on any scale?” said Turok.

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