Live like Ed Miliband: UK homes for sale with two kitchens

Emma Haslett
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If we were ever in any doubt as to whether Ed Miliband was a man of the people, we now have solid proof: the Labour leader may have two kitchens, but he only uses the "small one", he has insisted.

Either way, we're all keen on keeping up with the Milibands - so we've put together a few of the UK's best homes with two kitchens. Because sometimes you need one kitchen for cooking, and one to prepare snacks....

1. Derby, £2m

The second kitchen has more of a "country" feel (Source: Scargill Mann & Co)

At the top end of the price scale is this mansion in Derby, which not only features two kitchens and a utility room, but also a pool kitchen, for making poolside snacks (although we should point out it's important to leave an hour between eating and swimming). The house also has five bedrooms. That's practically as many bedrooms as kitchens.

2. Surrey Quays, £750,000

Rustic versus bright and airy (Source: Field & Sons)

This "charming Victorian terrace" has between four and five bedrooms, and comes with that London rarity: gardens at the front and back of the house. And it's only half a mile from Canada Water station, on the Jubilee Line, from which would-be party leaders can be whisked to Westminster in no time.

3. Boughton, £275,000

Matching oak kitchens make up this Chester home (Source: eMoov)

Not only does this home, in Boughton, have two kitchens, it's also got a kitchinette, plus four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and off-road parking for three cars. Kitchens aside, its biggest selling point is its proximity to the canal, along which its new owners can stroll into Chester city centre.

4. Feltham, £450,000

A handy open-plan kitchen means snacks are never far (Source: Frost)

Our final property is situated in sunny Feltham, and within easy reach of Hatton Cross. The house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two kitchens and a 35ft lounge, with a "further living room" - fit for a wannabe PM.

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