John Lewis Partnership bonus scheme 2015: Three charts showing just how generous it is historically despite it being cut this year

Lynsey Barber
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Staff are happy, even though the value of their bonus fell (Source: John Lewis)

The bonus pot for staff working at Waitrose and middle England's favourite department store John Lewis has shrunk by 22 per cent compared to 2013, its largest cut in at least five years.

Some 93,800 partners will share a total payout of £156.2m, the equivalent of 11 per cent of each person’s annual salary, or an additional six weeks pay.

It may have fallen, on the previous year’s 15 per cent payout, and 17 per cent the year before that, but it remains in line with the retailer’s profits.

It also remains more than generous compared to most people’s bonus.

Although it doesn't quite compare with the City.

Here's how they compare.

And that's why you'll find everyone working at John Lewis or Waitrose still cheering their smallest bonus in years.

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