Wish you still had your Nokia 3210? Now you can play Snake on the fountains at Kings Cross

Catherine Neilan
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Playing Snake.. at the Kings Cross fountains (Source: Granary Squirt)

Do you wish we could get back to the good old days when mobile phones were for making calls, maybe texting - and, at the absolute most, playing Snake?

If that sounds like you, there are two options open to you. First, you could relocate to a county where 4G reception is so bad you give up trying to use the "smart" bits of your smartphone and go back to the early 2000s. Or you could download a new app, head to the fountains at Kings Cross, and start gobbling those elusive apples.
The app, called Granary Squirt, hooks your phone up to the fountains through The Cloud wifi. According to the developers, you “just point your smartphone at the fountains... and you're off”.
Here's more from the makers:
Up to eight people can play the game at any one time, allowing players to take control of a line of jets as they make their way across the fountain bays, dodging the sides, other snakes and taking care not to run into their own tails as they get longer.
This takes the idea of playing with the fountains at Granary Square to a whole new level.
This is just the first retro game released – others will be made available throughout the year. Check out the video below to see how truly awesome it is.

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