General Election 2015: Business leaders speak out: Labour (still) isn’t working - Brand Index

Stephan Shakespeare
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Labour is not seen as pro-business (Source: Getty)
The General Election is almost upon us and polls show the public believes that if the Tories win, its business policies would be better than Labour’s for the economy.

But what about the business community itself? Using YouGov’s Business Omnibus, and interviewing high-profile decision makers, 81 per cent thought Conservative measures would be good for that group. Almost two-thirds, 62 per cent, believed shareholders would be affected negatively by plans a Labour government would introduce. Only 11 per cent thought it would be good for shareholders.

Labour would hope to find more support among workers and customers of big business. Again however, business leaders YouGov surveyed feel the Tories would be better for these groups than their election rivals. Just under half (49 per cent) said Cameron’s plans would be good the employees of big companies and 43 per cent said they believed they would be good for the customers of those organisations.

As far as Labour is concerned, over just half (51 per cent) believe its policies would be bad for people who work for big companies, while slightly fewer – 47 per cent – say customers would also suffer as a result of their plans. In recent months, high-profile business leaders such as the boss of Boots, Stefano Pessina, have denounced the prospect of Ed Miliband in 10 Downing Street. What is worrying for the Labour leader is the fact the opinion proffered by the business community is reflected in the minds of the public.

Labour has announced several policies that would appear to be pro-business. It may be therefore, that old and deep-rooted perceptions are the hardest to change.

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