Margaret Thatcher's private bus has been put up for sale

Emma Haslett
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Mrs Thatcher at the wheel of the bus (Source: Getty)

If you're a political memorabilia fan, this is a must-have: an armoured bus that once belonged to Margaret Thatcher has just gone up for sale - a snip at £25,000.

The bus has been put on sale by Northamptonshire company Tanks-A-Lot, which (as you may deduce from its name) usually specialises in selling disused combat vehicles.

According to its listing, the bus was specially commissioned for Thatcher following the Brighton bombings "at obscene cost".

Weighing in at 38 tons and armoured to withstand 7.62 rounds, the bus also features a controlled environment designed to protect passengers from gas and chemical and biological agents. And as well as seating 35 people, it has its own office space at the back of the bus.

Nick Mead, the man behind Tanks-A-Lot, told Business Insider that despite the bus' colourful history, finding a buyer had been challenging.

What amazes me is that her handbag made £25,000 and her suits sell for thousands too, so why aren't people bidding on my bus? It is a mobile bunker.

(Source: Tanks-A-Lot)

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