Oddbins opens the cellar door to artisan ales

AS BRITAIN’S craft beer boom continues, wine and spirits merchant Oddbins announced yesterday it will join the expansion with a new beer-dedicated store in Blackheath, south east London.

Oddbins knows the popularity of the industry, as it reported a 37 per cent rise in craft beer sales across 2014.

Managing director Ayo Akintola also highlighted the role of small British breweries in Oddbins’ new venture. Oddbins, he said, is “committed to local suppliers who have a true passion for their craft.”

Of the 300 beers to be offered at Blackheath, 75 per cent are produced in the UK.

Akintola said the store will reward “brewers, hop farmers and everyone else who are working tirelessly to create a new golden age for British beer.”

According to the Society of Independent Breweries, the UK has more than 1,400 breweries and produces 8,000 individual beers, warranting Oddbins’ special emphasis. Given the chain's prominence in the alcohol market, this new shop could increase the exposure of an already popular industry.