Stress: The thing Britons would most like to change about their lives

Sarah Spickernell
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Most people feel relaxed for between one and two hours each week (Source: Getty)

If people in the UK could change one thing about their lives, the most popular choice would be lowering stress levels.

Almost a third of the 1,000 people who took part in a survey by meditation app Anamaya put “being less stressed” at the top of their wish list. This was followed by spending more time with family and being more comfortable in their own skin.
52 per cent of people said they felt relaxed for between one and two hours each week, which amounts to less than a full day each month.
This burden of stress is reflected in the fact that after being physically unwell, stress and depression are the reasons most frequently given for sick leave – one in five admitted to taking time off work for this reason.
Another interesting finding was that many Britons rate having a nice, unstressful work environment more highly than financial benefits – 40 per cent said it was more important than pay and pensions.
Graham Dole, former City lawyer and founder of Anamaya, said:
The majority of us have experienced how, at one point or another, the stress and strains of our work life can be brought back home with us on an evening. If not addressed, this stress can have a detrimental impact on our lives.
Our study shows that people are really struggling with getting the work/life balance right and are ultimately craving a less stressful life.
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