15 years of the London Eye... in pictures

Lynsey Barber
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The London Eye is now the capital's most popular attraction (Source: Getty)

It was a pretty epic aim to build the largest ferris wheel in Europe and London's tallest viewing point at 135m tall - no small feat of engineering. Here’s how it looked in 1999 before being raised. It weighed 1,500 tons and back then, was still known as the Millenium Wheel.

That first attempt to raise the wheel failed but four weeks later, the wheel was raised to a 30 degree holding position over the river in the first of the two-stage process, and then to an even more precarious 65 degrees.

The London Eye missed its Millenium Eve opening deadline.

When it did finally open its pod doors, the view was spoilt by cloudy skies and rain.

But since then, the Eye has looked better and starred in some pretty amazing portraits...

In puddle reflections.



With David Blaine on the roof.

In almost complete blackouts.

When President George Bush was in town and security was on high alert.

In the fog.

In fireworks.

Dressed up as a London bus.

In the snow.

Lit red for comic relief.

At sunset.

In more snow.

A backdrop to marathon runners.

In ice sculpture form.

In miniature lego form.

During General Elections.

For St Patrick's Day.

At twilight.

During the Olympics.

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