General Election 2015: Could the SNP support Labour?

Billy Ehrenberg
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The SNP is gathering strength (Source: Getty)

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has said it would support a minority Labour government, going some way to mitigating the impact of Labour’s apparent decline north of the border.

Nicola Sturgeon’s party would support Labour, even if Ed Miliband and co. decided to keep the controversial Trident missile defence system. This was seen as a major stumbling block to any alliance.

Sturgeon told The Guardian that she was not willing to go into coalition with the conservatives, nor Labour; rather the SNP would support Miliband’s party on an issue by issue basis.

It’s more likely to be an arrangement where we would support Labour on an issue-by-issue basis. On that basis, there are many issues we could agree on which we would support but we would not vote for Trident.

She said.

The SNP’s position in Scotland has been strengthened recently, with polls showing many Scottish Labour seats could fall into its hands. With the Tories never gaining a foothold in the country, the SNP’s rise could be almost exclusively to Labour’s detriment.

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