Debating debates and Mobile World Congress: Here's what got us talking this week

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Mobile World Congress got all the geeks excited (Source: Getty)
It was a landmark week for inter-species relations as a weasel, a woodpecker and a photographer joined forces to prove once and for all that yes, Animals of Farthing Wood could happen.
Outside the animal kingdom, election campaigns gathered pace, with the debate over debates continuing to rage, while polls concluded, at various points, that the Conservatives will definitely win, “we literally have no idea”, and that given the choice, most people's ideal winner would be, er, a dog.
What was certain was that the Tories have won the social media election, although Labour has lorded it over Twitter and Ukip does pretty well on Facebook. The poor old Lib Dems only got Google+. No word on Bebo, mind…
Mobile World Congress got techies excited, with the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S6, which has a “curved” screen (we’d argue it’s more “bevelled”, but far be it from us to be pedantic). Other excitements included Ikea’s “Home Smart” range, which wirelessly charges mobile phones, and smartwatch pioneer Pebble’s latest offering. We’ve got all the must-have gadgets here.
Investors in troubled oil explorer Afren were cheered on Monday when its lenders decided to put off its deadline to repay $50m (£33m) of debts. Then this happened, and that cheer abruptly evaporated. We’ve looked at everything that’s gone wrong with the group. If you’re an investor, we suggest you look away now.
Paddy Power’s results are always an excuse for a laugh, and this occasion was no different. Last year had “more ups and downs than Taylor Swift’s love life”, it lamented. We’ve got its best bits here.
Finally, in weird human behaviour news, scientists suggested that after we shake hands, we subconsciously sniff our own hands to scope out “what other people are all about”. Apparently, it’s quite a lot like when dogs sniff each other in the park. Which suddenly makes the idea of a firm handshake kind of…. gross.

Leisurely reads

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Thursday was World Book Day. Take the opportunity to stock up your shelves with these four classic reads on business and leadership.
And former Tech City boss Eric Van Der Klejj explained why the future of global fintech is more than just near-field communications.

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It’s been a few weeks since ads for Game of War started appearing on TV featuring Hollywood star Kate Upton cast the goddess Athena, in an uncomfortable-looking aluminium corset. The mobile app is now grossing more than $1m a day. Bloomberg looks into what makes it so popular.
Long Reads describes the first suicide bombing on American soil - and describes how it led to the redistribution of “the vast riches of one of the most notorious robber barons of the Gilded Age”.

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