The cloud solution with a difference (because it only contains shrimp)

Emma Haslett
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The Shrump Club, where everyone who pledges money is immortalised in the form of a floating shrimp (Source:

Ordinarily, "cloud computing" is a phrase that turns even the most seasoned IT nerd off - but a new Kickstarter campaign is a cloud with a difference: it's full of shrimp.

Yep, The Shrimp Cloud is exactly what it sounds like: a terabyte of two million prawn pictures you can access "anywhere, anytime and on any device".

Why? "[To fulfill] my quest to bring shrimp into the modern age," says its creator, Eric Dennis.

"Looking at millions of shrimp pictures has [a] similar effect to seeing the Grand Canyon," he adds. Also: "Shrimp."

With $1,300 (£850) pledged so far, Dennis has already more than funded his project, for which he hoped to raise $100. So far, he's created a shrimp font and shrimp t-shirt, plus the shrimp club, where all his backers are immortalised in the form of... you guessed it.

Alongside their pledges, Dennis' backers have shown their support with comments like "I am so freaking excited to see all that shrimp", and questions about whether they can host their own shrimp related material.

One person, however, seems to be more concerned with how this will reflect on his career. "Now I can tell my boss I was part of a fully funded cloud solution," he says. Well, quite.

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