London risks massive shortfall of homes if building is not boosted

Caitlin Morrison
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London’s population growth will lead to a shortfall of one million homes by 2036
The definition of London needs to be broadened so as to include areas of the south east, forming a London City Region, or risk losing its status as a global leading city, according to professional services firm Aecom.

The group also warned that growth in London’s population will lead to a shortfall of one million homes by 2036 unless new sites are found and building is accelerated. It said this shortfall could cause social and economic divide lasting generations.

In addition, Aecom is seeking a review of the green belt’s potential in supporting sustainable urban growth, particularly around existing rail and tube stations.

Andrew Jones, Aecom’s UK head of design, planning and economics, said: “Progress made in Manchester and across the northern cities illustrates how collaboration with neighbours that share economic, social, cultural and functional relationships can drive growth.”

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