Tomb raider: Italian photographer Domingo Milella focuses his lens on civilisations past and present

Domingo Milella gives long-forgotten cultures new life

From the Italian village jutting precariously into the sea to gnarled Turkish rock-faces striped with ancient, indecipherable script; Italian photographer Domingo Milella documents the tussle between civilisation and landscape.

For his latest project he embarked on a photographic journey from his home in Bari, Italy, all the way to Mexico City via Cairo, Ankara, Anatolia, Sicily, Tunisia and Mesopotamia. On the way he photographed cities and their borders, cemeteries and villages, caves and homes, tombs and hieroglyphs. For Milella, long-forgotten cultures are given new life by his re-engagement with them – his camera depicts and resuscitates.

Born in Bari in 1981 he divides his time between his hometown and London. Index, his latest solo exhibition, will feature recent images of ancient sites in Turkey shown alongside a sequence of 30 photographs providing an overview of the main themes central to Milella’s work over the past ten years.

Index by Domingo Milella will be on display at Grimaldi Gavin from 13 March