Someone's launched a dating site with a "supercar theme"

Emma Haslett
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Joining the site could give you a chance to meet this lady (Source: Getty)

Like impressing the opposite sex with your massive engine? Then this site's for you. (or $, as it's also known), is aimed at lonely-hearted pistonheads.

The site bills itself as "the world's first millionaire online dating and social networking site with a supercar touch".

With an emphasis on "the supercar lifestyle - Michelin dining, high octane experiences, an appreciation of art, jet set holidays", the site says it "aims to make millionaire supercar dating more efficient and convenient". Which, as we all know, is the cornerstone of any romantic relationship.

That said, if you know your Maseratis from your McLarens but don't quite have the cash flow to buy one, you can still be part of it: the site says it's looking for something called "Fine Living Companions" to join, too.

Depending on which tier you choose, membership ranges between free and £380 per year - although the site says it reserves "the right to request evidence of car ownership following registration".

Unfortunately, it could be increasingly difficult to find the right members: figures released by Bentley Motors back in 2014 suggested sales of cars priced at $200,000 (£130,000) or more are falling, largely because of China's weakening economy.

But the good news is that Aston Martin has just unveiled its £1.5m, 800 horsepower, V12, very limited-edition Vulcan. Which means at least 24 potential new members for the site. Stay classy...

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