Scandal-struck boffin Douglas McWilliams looks east to Singapore

Top economist McWilliams may move to Singapore
Sometimes you just need to get away – right? And no better time than when your private life has been the subject of front-page scandal in the Sunday tabloids.

Little surprise, then, that top economist Douglas McWilliams has set his sights on a move to Asia as he looks to recover from the recent allegations.

The Capitalist learns that McWilliams – who founded the Centre for Economics and Business Research 20 years ago – is weighing up a move to Singapore, with the aim of expanding the businesses into the fast-growing Asian market.

The 63-year-old held a notably high-end garage sale at his plush Regent’s Park home to clear out some possessions that he wouldn’t be needing anymore – although he insists that the sale would have happened irrespective of the possible move abroad.

McWilliams revealed on Sunday that he would be taking a few months off to reflect on life, but these plans suggests he is already thinking about his next career step. You know what they say – a change is as good as a break.

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