The Guardian indulges in a bit of tax planning

It's tough being a newspaper – we should know. On one hand you need to stay relevant in the age of 24-hour news and Twitter and all the rest of it. On the other you need to find enough cash to keep going. All while publicly displaying your work every day, and facing the possible criticism that follows.
In which case perhaps we shouldn’t be too harsh on the apparent discrepancy between the Guardian’s preaching over tax avoidance, and the commercial offerings it makes to its readers.

Tax planner-come-tax scutiniser The Guardian

Just a few days after the ‘paper said that chancellor George Osborne should be “embarrassed” because he “once advised people to use ‘clever financial products’ that could help them reduce care costs and inherit­ance tax,” the advert shown here appeared last weekend.
“Guardian Investing, provided by Skipton Financial Services, offers specialist advice on tackling inheritance tax,” it says. Right on.

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