The mansion from Scarface is for sale, and it’s just as insane as you’d hope

Yours for just £23.2m!

It may not be in Miami, but this incredible mansion in Santa Barbara, California, will forever be associated with the Floridian City. It is the setting for Tony Montana’s last stand in the 1983 crime epic Scarface, representing the pinnacle of his capitalist dream and the end of his Shakespearian descent into addiction and madness.

The stunning water features on the terrace are the setting for Al Pacino’s character’s wedding ceremony, as well as the bloody entry into Montana’s sanctum by heavily armed mercenaries.

Al Pacino in the cinematic final scene of Scarface

The interior is, of course, very different to the 80s kitsch seen in the film (that was shot in a studio) and you can instead find a Roman-inspired palace, adorned with beautiful arched ceilings painted with neo-classical scenes. An 18-foot central dome is decorated with a floral hand painted, gold and blue design in 24 karat gold-leaf, modelled after the church of St John Lateran in Rome, while the dining room features a scene of Alexander the Great conquering Persepolis.
A musicians’ balcony overlooks the formal dining room, and it’s here we recommend standing with a toy gun pretending to pick off your political enemies.

The dining and kitchen area adorned by a hand-painted ceiling

The villa, which is located in 10 acres of Persian-inspired gardens, recently underwent a major refurbishment, installing underfloor heating, a steam shower and top-end appliances, while preserving the historic elements of the estate. As well as the master bedroom you’ll also find three guest bedrooms and a rather profligate nine bathrooms.

The villa has been installed with underfloor heating and top-end appliances

The rich history of the estate goes even further: lauded guests and tenants include Thomas Mann, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Charles Chaplin, and John F Kennedy.
And, of course, once it’s yours, you can install a spinning globe overlaid with the slogan “The World is Yours” to really hammer home the Scarface connection.
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