Maximum excitement on the capital one cup final

WITH two big London rivals lining up to play for the Capital One Cup on Sunday expect passions to be running high.

In two of the last three matches between Chelsea and Tottenham there has been a penalty scored and Sporting Index offer a couple of penalty markets.

Penalty performance is a simple one – 25 points are awarded if there is a penalty scored. If a penalty is saved then 10 points are given and if a penalty if missed or there is no penalty then 0 points are awarded.

Traders have pitched the spread at 5.5-7, so buyers need a penalty to be scored, while sellers are hoping there isn’t one. Excitement right to the very end of the game.

Penalty goal minutes are trading at 11-14. This is a prediction on the aggregate minutes of each penalty scored. If there was a penalty scored in the 34th minute then buyers would make a profit of 20 times their stakes. Similarly, if there was a spot-kick netted in the 54th minute and the 90th minute then the make-up would be 144 – a profit of 130 times buyers’ stakes.

If there is no penalty netted then buyers would lose 14 times their stake.

Losses can exceed your initial deposit. Prices subject to fluctuation.