Here's new Standard Chartered chief executive Bill Winters, bare-chested, doing a falsetto

Emma Haslett
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Remember that video featuring five top City executives making total prats of themselves while stripping off and singing that appeared on YouTube last April?

We just thought we'd bring it up again, partly because it was funny, but mainly because it features new Standard Chartered chief exec Bill Winters - who started his job today - doing a falsetto that could shatter glass while undoing his shirt to reveal a surprisingly hairless chest. Move over, Pharrell Williams.

Here's a reminder - skip to 4:28 for the best bit from Winters:

Entitled "Life's a Pitch", the video was part of a fundraising effort for the Young Vic theatre but was never supposed to go public - it was intended to be seen by 400 people who attended a special screening.

Winters starred alongside ICAP boss Michael Spencer, Citigroup's Derek Bandeen, Markit chief exec Lance Uggla and Clearbrook Capital Partners founder Robin Saunders in the clip, in which the five City grandees pitch a musical called "Birthday Suits", about a group of bankers who moonlight as strippers.

As Ned Stark likes to say...

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