Author, librarian and academic top the list of most desirable jobs in Britain

Catherine Neilan
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JK Rowling, living the dream (Source: Getty)

Earlier this week we wrote about the best jobs in the UK based on earning potential, career opportunity and the number of job openings. And while that is all good and well in the real world, none of us dreamt of being a marketing manager when were child.

In fact, when it comes to most desirable jobs, the list couldn't be more different. Turns out what we really yearn for are jobs that are precarious, poorly paid and bookish.
Being an author tops the list of most desired jobs in Britain, based on YouGov research. Not only is it the most popular profession, with 60 per cent of people picking it, being an author is also the least unpopular, with just 32 per cent of people saying they would not like to be one.
The second-most popular job was librarian (54 per cent), followed by academic (51 per cent).
Although there is a slight tendency to not want a career in law, it is the fourth most desired profession.
There are some surprising ones on the list too. Refuse collector got 16 per cent of the vote, while traffic warden was deemed most desirable job by 10 per cent of the participants.
The stats also break down our preferences by gender. While the top three roles are the same, there are what YouGov says “some striking differences”.
Men are far more likely to want to be train drivers, Formula 1 drivers, astronauts and MPs.
Women meanwhile are far more likely to want to be interior designers and librarians.
Here's the list in full.

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