OECD: Keep UK growing with spending cuts and immigration

Tim Wallace
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BRITAIN is outstripping rival econ­omies across the developed world, with a successful balance of spending cuts and a flexible jobs market, the influential Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said yesterday.

But more needs to be done, spreading spending cuts into previously protected departments such as healthcare, and reversing damaging moves to cut immigration.

In an unusually strongly worded statement, the group’s chief backed the chancellor ahead of the election.

“Well done chancellor. Now finish the job,” said Angel Gurria.

Those extra steps should include NHS and education reform, including cutting GPs’ pay and increasing competition in health provision.

To make sure the economy has the skills it needs, the OECD urged to government to ease quotas on migrants that “are too restrictive for the tightening labour market.”

Business groups agree.

“The OECD is right, it’s time to loosen our restrictive and expensive immigration controls,” said Institute of Directors boss Simon Walker.

“Allowing businesses to hire from an international pool of mobile, talented workers will help address the UK’s lagging productivity while filling vital skills gaps.”

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