Boris Johnson’s vision of a jetpack future is already here as Martin Aircraft Company takes off

The jetpack was made popular by the cartoon show The Jetsons
Looking to the future of London, Boris Johnson could only dream of a Jetsons-style space-age capital.

“It may be that by 2020 we will all have learnt to commute with jetpacks, but until then, we need to invest in our existing transport modes,” he said a few years ago. Now, however, it seems the mayor’s vision has already arrived.

Gaining lift-off on the Australian stock exchange today is Martin Aircraft Company, a New Zealand jetpack maker.

Unsurprisingly, Kiwi Glenn Martin’s invention – a US$150,000 (£97,000) jetpack which can fly for over 30 minutes at up to 74 km/h – was an investor hit.

The business raised more than A$27m (£13.7m) through an oversubscribed, er, float, which will primarily be used to commercialise its flying machine.

So far the jetpack is only approved for manned flight in New Zealand, but the company is seeking clearance elsewhere.

Surely with Johnson’s fondness for flying – as seen in his infamous zipwire descent – the jetpack must be high on his wishlist..

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