Bigger firms do better at board gender equality

Adam Hignett
Dame Helen Alexander sits on several boards
The UK’s glass ceiling may be showing signs of cracking after new research revealed women now hold directorships in just over a third of UK businesses, with larger firms leading the way, according to consultancy firm Procorre.

The new figures suggest Britain’s SMEs have a lot to learn from their bigger counterparts after the data showed over 57 per cent of firms listed on Companies House with a turnover of £1bn plus now have at least one female director on the board.

In contrast, the figure falls to 47.3 per cent of firms with a £500m to £1bn turnover; 36.8 per cent of firms with a £25.9m to £500m turnover; 35 per cent in firms with turnovers between £1m and £25.9m; and 34.7 per cent in businesses with turnovers of between £100,000 and £1m.

“SMEs are struggling far more to retain and develop female talent,” said Procorre’s Sophie Sarrat.

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