Is Apple about to change its rules with its new mobile operating system?

Billy Ehrenberg
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Could users be set for a sneak peek? (Source: Getty)

iPhone users could be about to get a developer’s view of Apple’s operating system.

The tech giant is reportedly planning to open up its new iPhone software to all users, rather than just developers, as part of a plan to improve functionality and eliminate bugs before the final release. The beta launch may, however, be limited to 100,000 users, a move by Apple to maintain exclusivity.

The news comes from 9 to5 Mac's Mark Gurman, who can usually be counted on for substantiated Apple news.

This isn’t the first time the Caliafornia-based company has tried something like this: the latest Macbook and iMac software, OSX Yosemite, was released successfully in such a fashion.

Apple is expected to release a beta update for its current mobile operating system, iOS 8.2, in March with the next major incarnation, iOS9, due in the summer.

iOS 8 has had more than its fair share of problems, including a glitch that prevented some users from making calls. As a result, iOS9 is expected to focus on stability, rather than new features.

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