UK braces itself for ice, snow, flooding, and high tides

Billy Ehrenberg
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High tides batter France (Source: Getty)

A stormfront is approaching the UK; it’s 1,200 miles wide and could bring 50 foot waves and gusts of wind strong enough to stir up a blizzard.

The Met Office issued the weather warnings for snow and ice for Scotland the north of England, even as the risk of flooding continues to hang over coastal areas in the south. In total, the flood warnings number more than 50.

Tomorrow the warnings will be spread to the East Midlands and Northern Ireland. As the snow melts in the north there is an increased possibility of ice.

Aside from cold and flooding, there’s a risk of thunder and high tides too. Western areas of the UK, and especially Scotland, could experience hail and thunder Sunday and Monday. What is more, a rare alignment between the moon and sun will combine to make tides higher than normal, and the Environment agency has advised people to exercise caution when walking in coastal areas.

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