Maximum excitement on the CWC with Sporting Index

CRICKET and sports spread betting are made for each other. Sporting Index covers every aspect of a match and betting markets can be extremely volatile offering the opportunity for big wins but also heavy losses.

One of the most popular markets is player performance. Traders will give players a spread reflecting how well they believe they will perform. The awarding of points is simple – a run is 1pt, a catch 10pts, a wicket 20pts and a stumping 25pts.

For example, tomorrow’s match between Pakistan and West Indies has Ahmed Shehzad player performance trading at 38-44. The Green Shirts batsman has been criticised recently, but made 47 runs against India in their opening loss.

A repeat tomorrow would be enough to make a profit for buyers. Considering the Windies were shocked by Ireland in their opener, Pakistan’s hitters will fancy their chances of making big scores.

For those who like their betting simple then the win index is perfect. The market makes up 100 for the winning team and 0 for the losers. A draw is settled at 50.

Pakistan are trading at 57-63 so buyers would make a 37 times their stake profit if they won and a 63 times their stake loss if Pakistan were beaten. West Indies are 37-43.

Losses can exceed your initial deposit. Prices subject to fluctuation.