Raspberry Pi trumps Amstrad as fastest-selling British computer

Oliver Smith
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“The Pi has gone from absolutely nothing to becoming the fastest-selling British computer” (Source: Getty)
More than five million Raspberry Pis have been sold since 2012, making the palm-sized PC the fastest-selling British computer ever.

While Amstrad’s PC range remains the biggest-selling British computer, with 12m sold in the 1980s and 1990s, the Raspberry Pi’s rapid adoption by schools, computer enthusiasts and industry has soared in the past three years.

The Pi is designed by the charit­able Raspberry Pi Foundation and manufactured by Premier Farnell and Sony in the UK. Sales of the hit device led the Foundation to launch a successor, the Raspberry Pi 2 earlier this month.

“The Pi has gone from absolutely nothing just under three years ago, to becoming the fastest-selling British computer,” said the foundation’s communications chief Liz Upton. “We personally don’t make a profit from the Pi – all profits go straight back into our educational mission and into research and development.”

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