Sleeping your way to the top: Here's what the sleeping habits of highly successful people look like

Catherine Neilan
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Are you getting enough? (Source: Getty)

Margaret Thatcher swore by getting four hours of sleep a night. The writer Honore de Balzac famously did his best work from 1am until 3pm – just when Pablo Picasso was getting started.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends between seven and nine hours of sleep for adults. But what do the sleeping habits of successful business people look like – and how closely does your sleep pattern mimic theirs?
Well it seems there is a lot of variety, and some of it comes down to the type of success you'd like to achieve.
Getting your full eight hours? Then you're dreaming the dream. At least as far as Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and Microsoft founder Bill Gates are concerned.
More of a nightowl, existing on just three or four hours? You and business magnate Donald Trump alike.
And what about those who just can't find the time to shut off. If you're sleeping around two hours a night you will find yourself in the company of inventor Nikola Tesla and the Italian Prime Minister who made “bunga-bunga parties” A Thing, Silvio Berlusconi. Though your reasons might be somewhat different to his.
The below infographic, using YouGov data, shows how general sleep patterns compare with those of highly successful people.

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