Digital to dominate UK ad spend

Oliver Smith
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MORE than half of UK promotional spending in 2015 will pour into internet and mobile adverts, as the digital market expands to above £8bn.

The overall UK advertising spend is due to grow 5.4 per cent to £15.8bn this year, a far higher share than the US (28 per cent) or western European average (34 per cent), according to Strategy Analytics’ Advertising Forecast coming out this morning.

Driven by mobile, social media and video, digital advertising has exploded from accounting for 35.5 per cent of UK advertising spend in 2010 to an expected high this year of 50.4 per cent.

“Digital crossing the 50 per cent share threshold is a seminal moment in the history of the ad industry, particularly factoring in its dominance in the UK compared to globally,” said Advertising Forecast’s co-author Michael Goodman.

Cinema and TV advertising are forecast to be two of the fastest growing ad types in 2015, 4.8 per cent and three per cent respectively, but both will trail digital’s 9.5 per cent growth forecast.

“Digital accounts for a third of ad spend in western Europe, 30 per cent globally and just over a quarter in the US – where TV still rules the roost,” added Goodman.

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