Ukip The First 100 Days: 1,000 complaints over Farage "what if" TV documentary made to Channel 4 and Ofcom

Lynsey Barber
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Channel 4's Ukip fictional documentary drama has attracted complaints and criticism (Source: Getty)

A television show about Ukip has prompted more than a 1,000 complaints after being broadcast on Channel 4 on Monday night.

The fictional documentary, which imagined the first 100 days of a Ukip government if the party were to sweep to power in May's General Election, received 731 complaints Ofcom has said. Another 250 complaints were made directly to Channel 4 over the docudrama.

More than one million viewers tuned in to watch the one-off show.

Ofcom said it would assess the complaints, with many arguing the show was not balanced and failed to be impartial, before deciding whether to investigate the matter further. The media regulator had already received 19 complaints yesterday before the hour-long show had even aired.

The controversial show provoked a strong reaction from Ukip, with some members within the party calling it a "hatchet job" before it aired, while Ukip leader Nigel Farage tweeted during the show.

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