Ukip The First 100 Days: Channel 4’s Farage "what if" TV documentary has already attracted 19 complaints to Ofcom

Lynsey Barber
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Can you imagine a Ukip future? Now you don’t have to.

In what’s being called a "fictional docudrama" - aka a "mocumentary" - a new television show will take the hypothetical situation of Ukip sweeping to power in the next election and run with it.

The show, due to air at 9pm on Monday night on Channel 4, has already attracted 19 complaints to Ofcom over the "what if" imagining of the party's first 100 days in power.

Complaints have been made that the show is not balanced and fails to be impartial - despite it not even being broadcast yet.

The drama has already provoked a strong reaction from Ukip, with some members within the party calling it a "hatchet job", while Farage and Channel 4 failed to come to an agreement to do a post-screening interview.

Ofcom evaluates complaints before making a decision to investigate or not - however, a show must be aired before any complaint can be considered. The 19 objections will be considered after tonight's broadcast along with any subsequent complaints.

The drama will weave together real-life archive footage and scripted drama and has a cast that includes members of the public and actors.

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