Valentine’s Day 2015: South West Trains just won Valentine’s Day with When Harry Met Salisbury, Waterlove and Breakfast at Twickenham departure boards

Lynsey Barber
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A train company just got something right for once.

It’s not often they can be given credit for getting something right, but on Valentine’s Day, South West Trains have done it and even revealed a romantic side.

We thought Tesco was doing it well, but the folks over at South West Trains, usually embattled by grumpy and angry commuters, have gotten creative.

Instead of bringing news of delays on departure boards, journey destinations have been replaced by love themed names and romantic movies. Basingstoke becomes beautiful and Dorking is darling and there’s our personal favourite movie with a twist, When Harry Met Salisbury.

All aboard the love train to Waterlove, here they are in all their glory (maybe making tourists a little confused along the way).

When Harry Met Salisbury

Rich (In Love) mond

Beautiful Basingstoke

Lost in Teddington

Kissington Sth

Breakfast At Twickenham

Romsey and Juliet



Mots-purr Park

Cute Bridge

Hampton Courting

Fleet-ing romance


The apple of my Isleworth

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